Quality Benchmarks: How to Estimate Your MIPS Quality Score

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Assigning points based on deciles

I was going to write about something other than MIPS but I truly couldn’t resist. The temptation was just too great—especially after Dr. Terry Ketchersid really shook things up with his latest blog on … [Read more...]

ACI Hardships: Old Dog, New Trick

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Dog jumping through hoops

Happy New Year—2017 is here! College football will have a new champion tonight, college hoops is in full swing, and we are now 9 days into the new Quality Payment Program. Time flies when you are … [Read more...]

MACRA Montage – A video summary of MACRA blog posts in 2016

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On Monday, Diana gave us A MACRA Mashup and a late Christmas Gift, which contained links to all the blogs, videos, and MIPS tips we’ve published during our MACRA series. Today, we are giving you … [Read more...]

A MACRA Mashup and a Late Christmas Gift!

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Christmas gift

We made it to the end—not just the end of the year, but the end of our MACRA series here on the blog! Now don’t get too bummed. This isn’t the end of the road for Acumen and MACRA, but with MACRA … [Read more...]

Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIA)

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In this week's video, Diana expands on Dr. Ketchersid's explanation of Clinical Practice Improvement Activities, a new element of the MIPS score. Check out the blog post for more information, and feel … [Read more...]

MIPS Tip Tuesday

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Did you know that not all clinical practice improvement activities (CPIAs) are treated equally? If you read Dr. Ketchersid’s blog post this Monday, you probably already know that each improvement … [Read more...]

CPIA: More Than MACRA Leftovers!

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Half-eaten Thanksgiving turkey

The Monday after Thanksgiving. Festive celebrations with family, large meals, a bit of football, and perhaps some shopping on Black Friday are all now in the rearview mirror. It’s Monday and we are … [Read more...]