MACRA Montage – A video summary of MACRA blog posts in 2016

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On Monday, Diana gave us A MACRA Mashup and a late Christmas Gift, which contained links to all the blogs, videos, and MIPS tips we’ve published during our MACRA series. Today, we are giving you … [Read more...]

A MACRA Mashup and a Late Christmas Gift!

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Christmas gift

We made it to the end—not just the end of the year, but the end of our MACRA series here on the blog! Now don’t get too bummed. This isn’t the end of the road for Acumen and MACRA, but with MACRA … [Read more...]

Advancing Care Information: ONC 2014 vs 2015 Edition EHRs

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Diana Strubler takes a break from the weekly blog recap to talk about reporting on the ACI portion of MIPS in 2017 versus 2018.  Watch her video below. … [Read more...]

Advancing Care Information (ACI): Video Recap

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In the second Acumen MACRA video, Diana Strubler walks us through Advancing Care Information, based on November 14's blog post Advancing Care Information: A Guide Through the New MU. Be sure to … [Read more...]

Advanced APM’s: Video Recap

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Join us every Thursday, for the remainder of the year, as we present the third segment of our weekly Acumen MACRA series with a video recap of Monday's post. Today, Diana Strubler, Policy and … [Read more...]

Advanced APMs: Return of the FLA

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Ah, the day before the election. Hard to believe that sideshow known as the Presidential race is coming to a close. As I’ve mentioned before, we tend to steer clear of religion and politics in the … [Read more...]