MACRA Montage – A video summary of MACRA blog posts in 2016

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On Monday, Diana gave us A MACRA Mashup and a late Christmas Gift, which contained links to all the blogs, videos, and MIPS tips we’ve published during our MACRA series. Today, we are giving you … [Read more...]

MIPs, MIPS APMs, Partial QPs, and Full QPs

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Clinicians that are subject to the quality payment program next year will be designated as one of the following four options: • A full participant in MIPS • A “MIPS APM” participant • A partial … [Read more...]

MACRA: Fun with Numbers!

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Fun with numbers

Can you believe it? In less than 2 weeks, 2017 will be here, and with the New Year comes the biggest change to physician reimbursement our generation has seen. The newly minted Quality Payment … [Read more...]

APM: Just Another TLA?

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Diagram of offense or defense

In the world of TLAs (three-letter acronyms), the APM, or alternative payment model, is a TLA we certainly need to pay attention to. APMs are a collection of new healthcare payment frameworks that are … [Read more...]

HIPAA: P is for Portability

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USB drives

Today I’m thinking about access to healthcare data and how much has changed over the past decade with the adoption of EHRs. If I put on my Mom/caregiver hat, my children’s vaccinations are a good … [Read more...]

Experience of Care: Healthcare’s 3-Point Line

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Basketball going through the net

Anybody watch basketball last week? I am not a big fan of the NBA, and let’s face it, the recent NCAA men’s basketball final was a tough act to follow, but there were two remarkable NBA games on the … [Read more...]

Hardship Roundup: A December Stocking Stuffer

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Holiday stocking

With only 10 shopping days left before Christmas, I thought we would add one more item to your year-end to-do list. Last week Diana Strubler walked us through a very nice review of the current status … [Read more...]