MIPs, MIPS APMs, Partial QPs, and Full QPs

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Clinicians that are subject to the quality payment program next year will be designated as one of the following four options: • A full participant in MIPS • A “MIPS APM” participant • A partial … [Read more...]

MACRA: Fun with Numbers!

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Fun with numbers

Can you believe it? In less than 2 weeks, 2017 will be here, and with the New Year comes the biggest change to physician reimbursement our generation has seen. The newly minted Quality Payment … [Read more...]

APM Redux

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Most clinicians will be subject to MIPS

Last weekend I spent some time with family in the cool weather of the Appalachian Mountains. While there I had the opportunity to go fly fishing. It’s important to understand that yours truly is not … [Read more...]