MIPS and the Golden Egg

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The hunt for money

Last week I went to my daughter’s preschool to help hide Easter eggs. Other moms were there, each with their 10 eggs in tow. We were all chit-chatting about what we put inside our Easter eggs and one … [Read more...]

Advancing Care Information: ONC 2014 vs 2015 Edition EHRs

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Diana Strubler takes a break from the weekly blog recap to talk about reporting on the ACI portion of MIPS in 2017 versus 2018.  Watch her video below. … [Read more...]

Advancing Care Information (ACI): Video Recap

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In the second Acumen MACRA video, Diana Strubler walks us through Advancing Care Information, based on November 14's blog post Advancing Care Information: A Guide Through the New MU. Be sure to … [Read more...]

MACRA: A Summary of the Final Rule

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Just when I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend—BOOM!—the 2,204-page Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) final rule hit my inbox on Friday morning. I was surprised to … [Read more...]

MIPS Relief? Mr. Slavitt Offers a Sneak Peek

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Relief ahead sign

September is almost behind us, and with its passage most of us will enjoy relief from the sometimes-oppressive summer heat. Recently, CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt served up a bit of relief of … [Read more...]

APM Redux

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Most clinicians will be subject to MIPS

Last weekend I spent some time with family in the cool weather of the Appalachian Mountains. While there I had the opportunity to go fly fishing. It’s important to understand that yours truly is not … [Read more...]

Potential MACRA Delay Ahead?: Preparing for a Time of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty Just Ahead sign

If trying to follow regulatory programs has you feeling like a 20-year-old trying to catch Pokémon, join the club! However, for those just trying to see patients and run a practice, it is extremely … [Read more...]