MIPS and the Golden Egg

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The hunt for money

Last week I went to my daughter’s preschool to help hide Easter eggs. Other moms were there, each with their 10 eggs in tow. We were all chit-chatting about what we put inside our Easter eggs and one … [Read more...]

Quality Benchmarks: How to Estimate Your MIPS Quality Score

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Assigning points based on deciles

I was going to write about something other than MIPS but I truly couldn’t resist. The temptation was just too great—especially after Dr. Terry Ketchersid really shook things up with his latest blog on … [Read more...]

MIPS Tip Tuesday

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MIPS Tip Tuesday: Did you know that clinicians can choose a 90-day reporting period in 2016, 2017 AND 2018? As you may have heard, the Hospital OPPS final rule announced that all providers … [Read more...]

MIPS Easy Button…Trick or Treat?

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Trick or treat?

Halloween! Can you believe it? All across the country this evening youngsters will don costumes in search of Treats, adults will shepherd their kids through neighborhoods, or stay behind to distribute … [Read more...]

MIPS Relief? Mr. Slavitt Offers a Sneak Peek

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Relief ahead sign

September is almost behind us, and with its passage most of us will enjoy relief from the sometimes-oppressive summer heat. Recently, CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt served up a bit of relief of … [Read more...]

MACRA, MIPS, and APMs: Clear as Mud?

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Clear as mud

Last week Diana Strubler provided a wonderful overview of the MACRA implementation requirements published 10 days ago. This massive 962-page tome contains something for everybody. Over the past 6 … [Read more...]

How the MACRA Proposed Rule “Replaced” Meaningful Use

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I’m not sure what’s worse, reading the 962-page MACRA proposed ruling while in Hawaii or realizing CMS released a gigantic document that still needs to be finalized before the first surveillance year … [Read more...]