Cybersecurity and Blockchain in Health Care

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Last Monday I opened up the Renal & Urology News update to find 3 recent articles about health IT (HIT) security. The first article, “Controlling Access to Health Information”, noted that the … [Read more...]

Mobile Health: Growing Engagement and New Responsibilities

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The pervasiveness of mobile devices

This week I’m blogging about an M-word. Not MACRA or MIPS, but Mobile Health or mHealth. A warning before you proceed: The following paragraph contains a personal story that may be Too Much … [Read more...]

HIPAA: P is for Portability

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USB drives

Today I’m thinking about access to healthcare data and how much has changed over the past decade with the adoption of EHRs. If I put on my Mom/caregiver hat, my children’s vaccinations are a good … [Read more...]