ACI Hardships: Old Dog, New Trick

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Dog jumping through hoops

Happy New Year—2017 is here! College football will have a new champion tonight, college hoops is in full swing, and we are now 9 days into the new Quality Payment Program. Time flies when you are … [Read more...]

Potential MACRA Delay Ahead?: Preparing for a Time of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty Just Ahead sign

If trying to follow regulatory programs has you feeling like a 20-year-old trying to catch Pokémon, join the club! However, for those just trying to see patients and run a practice, it is extremely … [Read more...]

SGR Repeal: There’s a new Sheriff in Town

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Sheriff badge

A couple of weeks ago, organized medicine along with most physicians in this country breathed a sigh of relief when the Senate followed the House and overwhelmingly voted to repeal the Sustainable … [Read more...]

The CMS Triple Threat

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Contemplating my first post of the New Year, I found myself viewing a picture hanging on the wall in our home. The artist is not well known, but he is remarkably talented. As a result of an accident … [Read more...]

Health IT in 2015: Save the Dates

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There is something about a brand-new calendar that is very empowering. With empty days just waiting to be filled, you can decide how to plan the months ahead. The first thing I like to do is to go … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions: The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan and the eHealth Initiative 2020 Roadmap

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The ball will drop in Times Square this week, marking the end of 2014 and the calendar flip to 2015. The New Year is the perfect time to let go of old habits and start anew. What are your New Year’s … [Read more...]