What Will Happen to MACRA Under a Trump Administration?

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Mount Rushmore presidents

It’s President’s Day! While doing some quick research, I concluded that some consider today a day to recognize all presidents, past and present. Others consider it a celebration of certain key … [Read more...]

Potential MACRA Delay Ahead?: Preparing for a Time of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty Just Ahead sign

If trying to follow regulatory programs has you feeling like a 20-year-old trying to catch Pokémon, join the club! However, for those just trying to see patients and run a practice, it is extremely … [Read more...]

How the MACRA Proposed Rule “Replaced” Meaningful Use

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I’m not sure what’s worse, reading the 962-page MACRA proposed ruling while in Hawaii or realizing CMS released a gigantic document that still needs to be finalized before the first surveillance year … [Read more...]