ACI Hardships: Old Dog, New Trick

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Dog jumping through hoops

Happy New Year—2017 is here! College football will have a new champion tonight, college hoops is in full swing, and we are now 9 days into the new Quality Payment Program. Time flies when you are … [Read more...]

MU, ACI and Hardship Exceptions: What’s a Nephrologist To Do?

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2 paths diverge in the woods

Sometimes the heat and humidity encountered during the sultry summer months can smother you like a warm, wet blanket. You know the days I am talking about, right? If you wear glasses, when you step … [Read more...]

Solo and Small Practices Dancing with MACRA

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Single HCP

Since April 27 the MACRA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) has been a hot topic. Last week, attendees at a nephrology medical meeting expressed concern about the impact of MACRA on solo and small … [Read more...]

MACRA, MIPS, and APMs: Clear as Mud?

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Clear as mud

Last week Diana Strubler provided a wonderful overview of the MACRA implementation requirements published 10 days ago. This massive 962-page tome contains something for everybody. Over the past 6 … [Read more...]

2016: Looking Back, Looking Forward

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The holidays are behind us and we are off to a great start in 2016. I am sure you have each enjoyed your lucky New Year’s Day meal and have made several resolutions, which hopefully will come to … [Read more...]

SGR Repeal: There’s a new Sheriff in Town

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Sheriff badge

A couple of weeks ago, organized medicine along with most physicians in this country breathed a sigh of relief when the Senate followed the House and overwhelmingly voted to repeal the Sustainable … [Read more...]