ACI Hardships: Old Dog, New Trick

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Dog jumping through hoops

Happy New Year—2017 is here! College football will have a new champion tonight, college hoops is in full swing, and we are now 9 days into the new Quality Payment Program. Time flies when you are … [Read more...]

MACRA: Fun with Numbers!

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Fun with numbers

Can you believe it? In less than 2 weeks, 2017 will be here, and with the New Year comes the biggest change to physician reimbursement our generation has seen. The newly minted Quality Payment … [Read more...]

CPIA: More Than MACRA Leftovers!

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Half-eaten Thanksgiving turkey

The Monday after Thanksgiving. Festive celebrations with family, large meals, a bit of football, and perhaps some shopping on Black Friday are all now in the rearview mirror. It’s Monday and we are … [Read more...]

Advanced APMs: Return of the FLA

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Ah, the day before the election. Hard to believe that sideshow known as the Presidential race is coming to a close. As I’ve mentioned before, we tend to steer clear of religion and politics in the … [Read more...]

MIPS Easy Button…Trick or Treat?

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Trick or treat?

Halloween! Can you believe it? All across the country this evening youngsters will don costumes in search of Treats, adults will shepherd their kids through neighborhoods, or stay behind to distribute … [Read more...]

MIPS Relief? Mr. Slavitt Offers a Sneak Peek

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Relief ahead sign

September is almost behind us, and with its passage most of us will enjoy relief from the sometimes-oppressive summer heat. Recently, CMS Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt served up a bit of relief of … [Read more...]

APM Redux

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Most clinicians will be subject to MIPS

Last weekend I spent some time with family in the cool weather of the Appalachian Mountains. While there I had the opportunity to go fly fishing. It’s important to understand that yours truly is not … [Read more...]