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Excellent customer serviceWhile we don’t utilize the Acumen Blog as a platform to promote our nephrology-specific software or discuss our company in general, there is a bit of excitement around the nephrology community regarding our new endeavor, Acumen 2.0, powered by Epic. Be sure to read last week’s blog post for an in depth look into our new partnership with Epic Systems Corporation by Acumen President Dana Hensley.

Earlier this month the Acumen team had the pleasure of attending, exhibiting, and hosting a customer Resource Room at the Renal Physician Association (RPA) event here in Nashville, Tennessee. This event was the perfect opportunity to build excitement about Acumen 2.0, powered by Epic. The response we received from both Acumen customers and those with whom we do not work exceeded our expectations. Since Epic has the largest footprint of any health system in the United States, the people we spoke with at RPA are excited for the opportunity to connect with their local hospitals and referring providers that currently use the Epic system. The interoperability capabilities of Acumen 2.0 will be unmatched in the nephrology community.

As we move to this new platform, we will continue to deliver nephrology-specific tools, but on the backbone of the strongest health IT system in the U.S., Epic Systems Corporation. Perhaps more importantly, we will stay focused on the cornerstone of what we do—continuously strive for superior customer service.

We all know there isn’t one perfect EHR system on the market; all systems have their shortcomings and Acumen is no different. But with a primary focus on customer service, we have found the rest often falls into place.

At the RPA meeting last week there was a general session on Friday afternoon called Pitfalls and Pluses of Electronic Health Records, presented by Cathy Bryant. Toward the end of the session, attendees began to air their grievances in regards to their own EHR experiences. Without any prompting, long-time Acumen customer Lindsay Kircher, with Ocean Renal Associates, PA, stood up and inform the room that she was very happy working with her EHR vendor, Acumen Physician Solutions. When asked what she liked most, her response was our high level of customer service. This drove others in the room to stand up and mention their satisfaction working with Acumen as well. The experience these folks have with us on a regular basis is what we work very hard to achieve.

As we move forward from Acumen 1.0 to our new system, Acumen 2.0 powered by Epic, our focus on providing top-notch customer service will remain our company’s primary goal. As mentioned in last week’s blog, we sincerely believe that Acumen 2.0 will represent a “best in class” solution for nephrology practices, both now and into the future.

Thank you for reading the Acumen Blog, where we strive to deliver pertinent health IT content to the nephrology community as a whole. Be sure to look for more information about Acumen 2.0, powered by Epic, on our website.

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