Acumen Mobile Charge Capture

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Acumen Physician Solutions, LLC understands the mobile nature of nephrologists. Acumen Mobile Charge Capture follows the nephrologist into the dialysis center and the hospital which allows them to document and maximize the professional fees where it matter most. Through a simple user interface you can maximize MCP documentation and automatically send charges back to your billing system.

In the hospital AMCC filters data to make rounding easier and simultaneously capture professional fees. Providers can view customized census lists, securely communicate with other providers and billing staff, assure follow-up with new patients and send charges back to the office billing system immediately.

“The Acumen Mobile Charge Capture application works with the MCP module to automatically calculate doctors’ notes for the biller, so with a couple of clicks, they can create charges. We no longer need to chase down doctors for their lists!”
– Annette Wounded-Arrow, clinical manager

Acumen Mobile Charge Capture iOS App

In the Dialysis Unit:

  • Simplifies tracking and documentation of MCP notes
  • Imports dialysis labs when and where you need them
  • Offers real-time reporting
  • Auto-generates appropriate CPT codes and sends charges to the office
  • Collaborates with the dialysis clinic
  • Send a note to create a verbal order
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant messaging

In the Hospital:

  • Easily captures inpatient charges
  • Simplifies patient tracking, captures encounter billing
  • Easy communication of follow-up appointment scheduling and orders to office staff
  • Auto-generates appropriate CPT codes and send charges to the office
  • Captures patient face sheet information for Billing
  • Provides secure HIPAA-compliant messaging to staff

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